Monday, September 5, 2011

Through the eyes of Kurt Angle

I like wrestling, but I hate stupidity.  Therefore, I like and hate Kurt Angle.  Angle was recently arrested near Front Royal, Virginia on the suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  I use "suspicion" because he has yet to have his day in court; however, if history is the best indicator of future behavior, he is likely to be guilty.  

This is Angle's third arrest for driving while, or under the influence of substances, and second this year.  While he somehow got out of the first charge against him, he plead guilty to the second offense in March of this year.  This is where Angle earns his "stupidity" label.  Angle's lawyer recently released an official statement indicating that A. his client is innocent and B. his client believes he was set up.  Let me remind the reader, this is not a murder trial.  This is a drunk driving charge.  No one placed Angle's DNA at a scene of a crime or placed evidence in his possession.  The police did not conspire to get him.  Angle simply drank and than proceeded to drive.  
However, Angle has reason to plead his innocence and attempt to weasel his way out of this.  As part of his April 2011 guilty plea, he was sentenced to one-year of unsupervised probation.  I am not a lawyer, nor do I attempt to portray on either on TV or in real life, but I am positive being convicted of a DUI would violate his probation for which he may receive jail-time (ala Lindsey Lohan).  I am wondering if Angle can wrestle his way out of this one as he did in 2008...

Blog Induced a Coma

Hey Folks, Sorry I went away for a bit almost a year.  No excuses....

Good news is that I am back and ready to go; just in time for the start of the greatest time of the year.  I love the fall, because it always brings the "Three C's": Cool weather, College Football, and Cardigans!

I am going to post at least twice a week, on everything sports related and more...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

College Football - Perennial Top 25 Team That Won't Make A Bowl Game

With the college football season entering its' midpoint, it is time to start examining teams who are in serious danger of missing the bowl season.  There are the obvious teams to report such as Eastern Michigan, Rice, Western Kentucky, North Texas, etc... but when I look at current team records and remaining schedules, one team stands out - the Clemson Tigers.

The Tigers are 2-3 with three straight losses, and are 0-2 in ACC play.  To become bowl eligible, they have to win four of their next seven games.  Here is their remaining schedule: 

Oct 16 vs Maryland
Oct 23 vs Georgia Tech
Oct 30 at Boston College
Nov 6 vs. North Carolina St.
Nov 13 at Florida St.
Nov 20 at Wake Forest
Nov 27 vs South Carolina

As I write this, Clemson is leading Maryland 17-7 at the half.  If they go on to win the game, they still need to win at least three more games in order to put their name in the hat to go to the "Meineke Advocare Eagle Franklin America No One Cares" Bowl. 

Assuming Clemson holds on to beat Maryland, I am going to use the power of assumption three more times.  Clemson beats Boston College, Clemson loses to Florida St., and Clemson loses to South Carolina.  With that being said, Clemson still has to win at least two of the remaining three games against NC St., Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest.  I am not saying it is not going to happen.  Clemson was in a similar situation last year and eventually won their division in the ACC. 

If Clemson goes into the Florida St. game 3-6, it is time to start playing for next year.  Wave good-bye to QB Kyle Parker.  Attempting a miraculous three game win streak to make a lower-end bowl is not worth risking his baseball career.  It would be a perfect time to get QB Tajh Boyd some game experience and attempt to establish some rapport with Clemson's young receivers. 


Thursday, October 14, 2010

College Football - Week 7 Picks [Part 2]

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In case you missed Part 1, click here .

"NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS" - [Game that may be close]
South Carolina (10) at Kentucky - Before the start of the season, I predicted South Carolina to be a top 15 team.  They proved it last week with a more than impressive win against Alabama.  Although Kentucky isn't Alabama, they have the ability to keep things close on both offense and defense.  If USC QB Stephen Garcia's head is somewhere other than Lexington, this could be interesting. 
Iowa (15) at Michigan - Michigan may look like a porn star, but their defense allowed 439 yards and 37 points to the Minutemen of Massachusetts.  Last week Michigan faced a good defense in Michigan St and lost.  This week they are facing an Iowa team that is 4th in the nation in total defense and has allowed only 316 rushing yards. 

Baylor at Colorado - I am a big fan of Baylor QB Robert Griffin, and a Buffalo loss would pretty much signal the end to the Dan Hawkins era at Colorado.  It will never happen, but it would be fun to see Kordell Stewart become "Slash Coach."  

I will be discussing one perennial Top 25 College Football team that won't make a bowl game.  Check back later today, or....

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College Football - Week 7 Picks [Part 1]

Every addict's life is divided into two categories: High on a substance and withdrawal.  However, with sports you can be both at the same time.  While shooting up the start of the NHL season, I am definitely rocking back and forth waiting to snort my fix of college football on Saturday.  Good thing for me, overdosing on sports isn't life-threatening... at least in the physical sense.  To alleviate my withdrawal symptoms, every Thursday or Friday I will post some thoughts on the upcoming NCAA College Football weekend.  My predicted winners will be in italics.  Here we go....

Arkansas (12) at Auburn (7) - Anyone who argues that the SEC is not the best college football conference is clearly not a fan of college football.  This game is big time!  Not only does this game have a direct effect on the SEC championship game, but the outcome of this game will impact the national title picture as well.  With teams like Boise St., TCU, Oregon, and Nebraska gaining votes every week, one-loss Alabama's chances of repeating as national champs decreases.  Look for Auburn to win this game, setting up a sports addict's dream! Picture this... day after Thanksgiving, already have the day off, your significant other is out shopping because there are tons of great sales, you're allowed to walk around with your jeans semi-unbuttoned because of all the food you ate yesterday and there are tons of left-overs to reheat, and... wait for it... undefeated Auburn is playing at one-loss Alabama to see who plays in the SEC championship!  It's OK... this is the one instance where you are allowed to pee yourself a little bit.

Boise St (3) at San Jose St. - There is no team in the nation with more to prove than Boise St.  Every week a win is not enough, they have to win big.
Mississippi at Alabama (8) - After a big loss or break-up, there is always a rebound (insert sexual preference here).  I guess we can conclude that if Alabama were perusing a dating website, it would look in the "Lovely Ladies Over 50" section because it is about to get with an Ole' Miss.
Boston College at Florida St (16) - Boston College has more interceptions than touchdowns, only one rushing touchdown this season, and is ranked 105th in total offense... ouch!
[Spurrier at Duke]
Southern Mississippi at Memphis - Southern Miss isn't the most exciting team to watch, but the program is definitely moving in the right direction.  They play tough and fast, and this week they are playing a horrible Memphis team.  I bet Memphis wishes DeAngelo Williams was on his 9th year of eligibility.
Miami at Duke - Get ready for basketball season Duke fans...

Oregon St. at Washington - Oregon St. is primarily a passing team, who will be without James Rodgers and maybe two other receivers.  Also they are 113th in total defense... 
Oklahoma St (20) at Texas Tech - Look for a shootout...
Pittsburgh at Syracuse - The Orange Men are a surprising 15th in the nation in total defense.  

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Favre-horn Leghorn

Although I am sure anyone reading this blog is fully aware of the current controversy surrounding Brett Favre, let me just take a moment to summarize the story in the event someone has been trapped in a "flash sideways."  Favre, while a member of the New York Jets, allegedly attempted to throw a pass at a female Jets sideline reporter while they were both employed by the Jets organization.  Needless to say, just like every other wild and moronic pass Favre throws, this one was intercepted.  However, instead of leading to a pick six, it included sex pix (several photos of Favre un-trimmed legs horn). 
There was a time in my life where a player's performance on the field dictated how high I placed them on my mental pedestal or how many sports cards of theirs I owned.  [Note to reader: Also at this time in my life, I was asking girls out through folded paper and I thought the WWF WWE wrestler "Big Boss Man" was a real police officer].  As I have matured (still not finished), a players' stats, streaks, or their ability to play with a broken thumb became only half the equation.  I find myself now, more than ever, rooting for the good guys in sports.  And "Fav-Ray," your not one of them...  Over the past few years, I, like I hope all of you, have grown tired of Favre's continual display of selfishness (write a comment below if you need a time-line of events).  However, it is his latest (media-wise) that has crossed the line.

It is a coincidence that this story breaks during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (his wife Deanna had a well publicized battle with the disease), but Brett's actions are not.  His treatment of his wife, whom he has been with since approximately age fifteen and who has stuck with him through bouts of addiction and alcoholism, is inconceivable in my eyes.  I am not ignorant to think cheating doesn't happen.  It's just that when Mrs. Blow catches Joe Blow being blown by his secretary, ESPN doesn't care enough to send vans out to cover the whole debacle.  This is just another example of how sports is simply a microcosm of society. 

I know [CAUTION: String of idioms, clich├ęs, and analogies is about to occur]... Favre is "innocent until proven guilty" but "where there's smoke, there's fire."  As we learned by the Tiger Woods scandal, it only takes one crack in the dam until a spew of allegations destroys the kingdom.  As of today, there are already reports of a second female that Favre targeted.  

Brett Favre's life has been defined by his wild jaw-dropping throws on and off the field.  I could now care less about his streaks, accomplishments, and touchdowns on the field... it is his continued selfishness and inability to be a decent human being off the field that I will always remember and judge him by. To me... this supposed good ol' southern boy will always be just a big, dopey, not so neatly trimmed, chicken.

I say, I say... People never really do change.  Sorry Deanna, but you of all people should know by now... Whenever you think Brett has thrown his last pass, somehow he finds a way to disappoint you and throw another one...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Step One: The Introduction

Before I begin, I would like to welcome you to Sports Anonymous.  Thank you for taking time out of your day, minimizing your solitaire game at work, taking an eye off the kids for a moment, pausing the replays of last weekends games on, etc... to read my thoughts on current and past happenings in the sports world.

As "addicts" we utilize several coping mechanisms to maintain the lifestyle we have.  One of those is lying, or as I like to put it, "bending the truth."  For example, "Honey... I'll do (insert chore here) in a second! The game is almost over!!!"... when in reality, the game is four minutes into the second quarter.  It's not really a lie.  Time is relative... and if you think about it, life in itself is almost over (Welcome to the second coping mechanism - justification).  Don't worry, you aren't a bad person.  We all do it.  Actually, I just did it. The title of this blog is a bend of the truth.  Although the title of this blog implies sports in general, I will be mainly discussing topics pertaining to MLB, NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and the NBA.  That doesn't mean I won't touch on other subject.  Once in a while I will surprise you with rants about wrestling (the fake kind), golf, hockey, and even the world series of cribbage!

While you're reading this, I bet you're asking, "Who the (insert foul word or phrase here) do you think you are that makes you an expert on sports that you have a blog about it?" Trust me, I am asking myself the same thing and I can't answer that... However, what's the difference between us (sports addicts) and them ("experts")?  Answer: They're on television or other media platforms.  Other than that... we all have opinions, we all have points to make, we all think our team is going to do better based on slight variations in the team uniform that is somehow going to give them more confidence, we all become emotional during some ESPN - Outside The Lines stories (I hope it isn't just me....), and we are all addicted to sports!

At anytime you have an idea, comment, question, etc... please drop me a line, post it, make your voice heard somehow.  This blog is a safe place...

Hi, I'm "Phil" and I am addicted to sports....