Saturday, October 16, 2010

College Football - Perennial Top 25 Team That Won't Make A Bowl Game

With the college football season entering its' midpoint, it is time to start examining teams who are in serious danger of missing the bowl season.  There are the obvious teams to report such as Eastern Michigan, Rice, Western Kentucky, North Texas, etc... but when I look at current team records and remaining schedules, one team stands out - the Clemson Tigers.

The Tigers are 2-3 with three straight losses, and are 0-2 in ACC play.  To become bowl eligible, they have to win four of their next seven games.  Here is their remaining schedule: 

Oct 16 vs Maryland
Oct 23 vs Georgia Tech
Oct 30 at Boston College
Nov 6 vs. North Carolina St.
Nov 13 at Florida St.
Nov 20 at Wake Forest
Nov 27 vs South Carolina

As I write this, Clemson is leading Maryland 17-7 at the half.  If they go on to win the game, they still need to win at least three more games in order to put their name in the hat to go to the "Meineke Advocare Eagle Franklin America No One Cares" Bowl. 

Assuming Clemson holds on to beat Maryland, I am going to use the power of assumption three more times.  Clemson beats Boston College, Clemson loses to Florida St., and Clemson loses to South Carolina.  With that being said, Clemson still has to win at least two of the remaining three games against NC St., Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest.  I am not saying it is not going to happen.  Clemson was in a similar situation last year and eventually won their division in the ACC. 

If Clemson goes into the Florida St. game 3-6, it is time to start playing for next year.  Wave good-bye to QB Kyle Parker.  Attempting a miraculous three game win streak to make a lower-end bowl is not worth risking his baseball career.  It would be a perfect time to get QB Tajh Boyd some game experience and attempt to establish some rapport with Clemson's young receivers. 



  1. I guess you really don't want to consider that Clemson won their division last year. Look at the teams they have lost to. Auburn, Miami, and NC all in the top 30. Now look at our remaining schedule GT (toss-up), BC win, WF win, NC state (toss-up) Florida State we have beaten 3 out of the last 4 years with the same basic talent as both teams have now. SC hasn't won back to back games against us in like 40 years

    Bottom line is all of our tuff games is at home with the exception of Fla state....

    Do your research

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I did consider that Clemson won their division last year, and actually after a similar start as this year. However, there are flaws in your argument that Clemson will at least go 3-3 to save face and get a bowl. You bring up a good point that Clemson has won 3 of the last four against Florida St., but you failed to bring up that Clemson has lost to GT 4 of the last 4 times. So if Clemson has a chance vs FSU based on previous games, Clemson has no chance vs GT based on the same reasoning.

    The problem vs. GT is that Clemson has a hard time stopping the run (as evidenced vs. Miami and UNC) and we give up big plays. That in a nut-shell is GT's offense. I will give you that Clemson will beat BC and Wake, but Clemson still has to win against either NC St. or GT to get to a bowl.

    Also, if you are into research and statistics, there was a study at East Carolina St. University basically saying that home-field advantage in College Football is grossly over-rated and on average amounts to 2.3 points in the HF teams favor.

    Thanks for commenting!!!

  3. Last post was October 16th, dude... I was just starting to like your blog. Where'd you go???