Thursday, October 14, 2010

College Football - Week 7 Picks [Part 2]

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"NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS" - [Game that may be close]
South Carolina (10) at Kentucky - Before the start of the season, I predicted South Carolina to be a top 15 team.  They proved it last week with a more than impressive win against Alabama.  Although Kentucky isn't Alabama, they have the ability to keep things close on both offense and defense.  If USC QB Stephen Garcia's head is somewhere other than Lexington, this could be interesting. 
Iowa (15) at Michigan - Michigan may look like a porn star, but their defense allowed 439 yards and 37 points to the Minutemen of Massachusetts.  Last week Michigan faced a good defense in Michigan St and lost.  This week they are facing an Iowa team that is 4th in the nation in total defense and has allowed only 316 rushing yards. 

Baylor at Colorado - I am a big fan of Baylor QB Robert Griffin, and a Buffalo loss would pretty much signal the end to the Dan Hawkins era at Colorado.  It will never happen, but it would be fun to see Kordell Stewart become "Slash Coach."  

I will be discussing one perennial Top 25 College Football team that won't make a bowl game.  Check back later today, or....

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